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Angela Karki is a digital designer of Nepali descent raised in Hong Kong & England. Following artistic pursuits, she graduated from Art School & found herself drawn to the world of Graphic Design. She specialises in social media, presentation design & visual identity.

Angela is ambitious to create visuals communicating themes of culture, social change, identity & environment. She emphasises on the impact a good design can have on infatuating the onlooker to unravel the story. Connect with Angela so you can collaborate on your next project!

My latest projects



What if the re-conceptualisation of plushies detached existing childish connotations surrounding the object? By rebranding & incorporating wearable plushies with Streetwear Fashion, 'pvnkbunny' can be accessorised into one's daily lifestyle & become a fashion statement in order to expand the target market.

Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 02.14.51.png

As a teen growing up Nepalese in the UK, I previously struggled with feeling disengaged to my South Asian culture due to a white-dominated neighbourhood. One of the things that empowered me to reclaim my heritage was wearing traditional Nepali attire during our cultural occasions. Doing so provided me with a sense of belonging and unity to my ethnic identity. 


Hampshire, England.


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